Friday, March 28, 2008

8 Random Things About Abby

Meeya's Ninna tagged my little girl, Abby for this meme. Thanks, Ninna and Tita Meeya! We, I in particular, enjoyed doing this. :D

1. Abby is a certified jetsetter. :) Her test flight was a trip to Cebu when she was 4 months old and has since been to Singapore (6 months), Malaysia (8 months) and Europe (18 months).

This photo was taken at Roemer in Frankfurt, Germany - 13Feb06

2. She loves to sing and dance. She even makes up her own songs!

3. She's showing a very keen interest on visual arts as well.

4. She loves staying in hotels.

5. Abby was exactly 2 and a half years old when she first became a flowergirl.

6. Her photos have made it to Smart Parenting magazine...thrice. That's every year since 2005.

2005 with hubby; photo taken at Sentosa in Singapore (Father's Day theme)

2006 with hubby and me (Birthday Party theme)

2007 (Artistahin theme)

7. It took three tries before Abby agreed to a haircut here in the US.

8. She was potty-trained in one day. That was in July last year. ;)

Photos aren't really required to do this meme. I just followed Meeya's example. Anyway, this is mainly a photoblog so, why not? Hee hee!

And now, to keep the tag rolling, Abby is tagging Ninang Pinky's Luigi, Rafa and Marga; Tito Keith's Luigi, Rafa and Marga (Pinky and Keith, I very well know you can come up with 8 each for each of your kids! Hahaha!); Jen's Erynne and Joy's Sandy.


chinois97 said...

Weng / Abby, 3x printed on a magazine... wow, how can you beat that?!

Sige, I'll woprk on my post kaagad... baka maunahan ako ni Pinky :)

meeya said...

hehe thanks for doing the tag! :) di ba mas naging meaningful itong meme with the pictures? i'm glad you followed my lead, at least hindi lang ako ang super stage mother hehe!

naalala mo, you gave me a copy of that article and i told you i was surprised to see that the dad and baby above abby's pic is maver's haligi and haligilet, hehehe! :D

Munchkin Mommy said...

Hi Keith! Oo ha, masipag akong magpadala ng pics sa Smart Parenting. ;) Thanks for doing the tag right away! Mmwah!

Hi Meeya!Hangga't maari, dapat me picture ang entries ko dito. Nyahahaha! Bahala na sa future. ;) Yes, I remember na nabanggit mo na kilala mo yung mga nasa taas ng photo ni Abby and Dondi dun sa July 2005 issue. Pero hindi ko alam na mga loved ones pala sila ni Maver! Hee hee!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful highlights about Abby. I think it's wonderful that her photos were published three times in Smart Parenting.

joy said...

hey weng! you're right. nagawa ko na to before. nakakatuwa talaga si abby noh!!! talo pa nya ko nakapageurope na sya haha