Sunday, April 6, 2008

WS #7: Giddyap

We had a very late lunch yesterday, say 3pm? :D We found ourselves at Gattiland again (the second time in a period of one month!) in the hope that by doing so, Abby won't want to go to Sea World anymore later today, Sunday. Well, what were we thinking?! Of course she'd still want to go to Sea World, specially since she knows that Dora and Boots will be there (I'll post pics in next week's WS).

After stuffing ourselves silly with pasta, pizza and salad, we were off to the arcade section of Gattiland where Abby...well, all of us!...had loads of fun. My favorite shots were of Abby on a horse in a mini carousel. Even before she turned a year old, she has always loved riding carousels. And she still does to this time!

A smile like this just melts my heart. :)

"Bleh" - Abby can be a total goofball. Her Dad was making faces at her to make her smile. Well, this is what hubby got out of Abby.

Now we're talking! Abby thought her Dad was going to tickle her. :)

*sigh* How my daughter has grown! It used to be that Hubby or I would stand next no her next to her on carousel rides.

The ride is over. This was actually her second already. Hee hee.

I still find it difficult to take pics in poorly lit surroundings. Sorry for the less than good quality of pics. :D I hope to get better over time. But for now, please bear with me. Hee hee! :D You have to admit though, that I got quality smiles! :P Hahaha!

Have a great week, everyone! :) Please do check out my other entry. More of Weekend Snapshot here.


snippets said...

gorgeous quality smiles! :)

thesserie said...

Hay, kasing ganda talaga ng tita Thess nya! mwahahaha, walang kokontra!!

Happy WS po, mommy munchkin!

janet said...

very beautiful smile she has... and yeah, she is beautiful too. :)

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

lovely daughter, and lovely smile too...oh i miss those days...dalaginding at binata na kids ko

Carver said...

Great shots of your beautiful daughter.

Natalie said...

Such fun pictures! My daughter also adores carousels.

SandyCarlson said...

You bring us so close to that beautiful and happy face. Gorgeous!

christine said...

pretty pretty talaga ni abby! :)

julie said...

Very pretty. And happy of course.

We saw some cool rides and riding yesterday. Come see my WS here:
Lancer Evo X

Precision Driving

Have a great week, Weng.

Lynn said...

Children grow up so fast. But then, yes, they seem not to outgrow the carousel that fast. My nine year old still rides the carousel. :)

chinois97 said...

Abby is so photogenic... very pretty... and your pictures look nice too :)

Pinky said...

Geez...Abby does seem to have grown leaner and taller from the last time I saw her...but still as pretty and adorable as ever! Time does fly by so fast - especially when you're riding a carousel! Hahaha!

meeya said...

gorgeous naman talaga ang smiles :)

uy akala ko you were taking pics with your camfone, hehe. sabagay, ako rin hirap to take pics pag madilim. try adjusting the ISO, it works for me sometimes. :)