Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photo Hunt #3: I Spy

This week's Photo Hunt theme is "I Spy". Quite challenging if you ask me! :) Here goes my entry...

I spy two popular "figures"...a teen-aged pop sensation and a bi-lingual explorer. ;) This is a no-brainer...unless one has been living under a rock the past couple of years. Hee hee! While you're at it, I spy a popular dog, too! :D

I have a food-themed "I Spy" here. And there's even more I Spy by other photo hunters here.

16 March 08
Oops! I take back the "living under a rock the past couple of years" bit. :) I don't know what I was thinking. Surely, not everyone has a child or knows anyone who is of the Disney Channel generation. Hee hee! So sorry! :)
Have a great new week ahead! :D


Claudia said...

I found all three...good thing I have
young nieces and nephews, because my kids are grown.

julie said...

There's Dora, said Tania. What is that near Dora? Is that a mermaid's tail? Or I'm just thinking it is :)

Have a great weekend, Weng :)

Leap of Faith! said...

Nice, Weng. Dora Montana and her dog, Snoopy?

Aisha said...

Is it barbie and dora the explorer? :D

Pinky said...

I saw Hannah and Dora quite easily... where's the dog though??? :(

I just love your "I Spy" post - reminds me so much of all the fun times the boys and I always have when we go through those cool "I Spy" books from their school library :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Looks like her toy chest is filled to capacity. My son enjoys watching Dora the Explorer, Boots and Diego.

thess said...

yes, I live under a rock for the longest time! *lol*

was Abby somewhere there? he he