Monday, March 17, 2008

WS #4: Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Last Saturday, 15 March 2008, we spent the afternoon at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, supposed to be the most visited safari park in Texas. This trip to San Antonio gave my family a wonderful chance to see so many beautiful animals at very close range, and from the comforts of our car at that. Opportunities to take photos seemed to present themselves one after another. It was hard not to stop every minute to take a picture of every goat, every dear...every single one of them! :)

I love the color of this group. They reminded me so much of, er, tiramisu. :)

Some of the animals went about their business in groups. While some, preferred to be left by their lonesome.

Others preferred to eat the grass instead of the feeds that visitors so excitedly offer them.

A few of them seem so used to being the center of attention.

And some were just too willing to have their close-up taken. :)

This giraffe definitely knows how to work the camera. She looks a little flirty here if you ask me. ;)

This safari trip was a first for us and Abby is obviously very thrilled. :)
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Have a great week, everyone!


Napaboaniya said...

hahahhahah gotta love your tiramisu description!!

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eastcoastlife said...

I'm thrilled too! Lovely animals and what an outing!

SandyCarlson said...

Beautiful animals--tiramisu and all!

chinois97 said...

that giraffe really is flirty.. what a smack!

Pinky said...

The smile on Abby's face is truly priceless :) Seeing that look on a child's face will surely make any parent's day!

MrsPartyGirl said...

lol at tiramisu! :D foodie at heart ka talaga. :D pag napunta kayo sa amin, pramis, dadalhin ko din si abby sa safari dito. :)

Jae said...

Well hey! I live in SA! We go about twice a year up to Natural Bridge. Ours are still too little for the caverns, but they ADORE the Wildlife Ranch drive and petting zoo! Glad you found your way here! :)

Jennifer in OR said...

Wonderful photographs! We have a Wildlife Safari here in Oregon, but we haven't gone yet. Looks like a "wild" time!